It is no secret that photography is a major passion of mine.
So much so I have brought the camera into my professional life.

It started by wanting to document the work I was doing over the years and being able to showcase my lighting designs and the shows I had worked on.
Once other LD’s had seen the photos I was creating, they were asking me to come along and snap their shows.

I like to call this Production Photography
Basically it’s event photography, but instead of covering the acts gracing the stage, It is instead covering the stage and production elements (lighting/video/set) as a whole production.

A selection of my images can be found below.

I would like to thank the following people who’s work I have captured in some way, shape or form:
Al Gurdon, Busted, Daughter, David Davies, Gary Barlow, James Scott, Jason Sherwood, Jeff Lynne’s ELO, Kim Gavin, Lee Lodge, Louis Oliver, Matthew Pittman, Misty Buckley, Rita Ora, Royal Blood, Sam O’Riordan, Sam Tozer, Shaun Mendez, Shaun Murphy, Studio Moross, Stufish, Take That, TAWBOX, Tim Routledge & Tom Young