J Hus Common Sense Tour
J Hus Common Sense Tour

J Hus Common Sense Tour


J Hus toured around UK Venues with his Common Sense Tour. LD Sam Tozer tasked me with lighting programming and looking after the show while on the road.

J Hus used this tour to promote his new Common Sense album playing songs Did you see, Bouff Daddy, Samantha and many others.

We arrived at many venues with incredible strange looks upon us as we tried to load in our Mercedes cars which were part of our sets for the show.


  • MA Lighting GrandMA2 Full-size
  • MA Lighting GrandMA2 Light
  • MA Lighting GrandMA2 NPU
  • MA Lighting 8-Port Node
  • Luminex GigaCore 16XT
  • Resolume Arena v5
  • Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330
  • GLP GT-1
  • GLP Impression X4 Bar
  • Martin Mac Viper Profile
  • TMB Solaris Flare
  • Pangolin Beyond Server
  • ER Productions Kinekt
  • ER Productions BB3
  • MagicFX’s Smoke Bubble Blaster


Lighting Designer:
Vision Factory

Lighting Programmer:
Kris Goodman

Production Manager:
David Davies (LRI)

Lighting Tech:
Luke Welch

Content Creation:
Rebel Overlay

Lighting Supplier:

Lasers & Effects:
Force FX & ER Productions


Lighting programming and control was at the hands of myself, utilising a pair of GrandMA2 console (one main and one backup). The show was fully programmed by Sam and myself at VER’s facilities in London in advance of production rehearsals.

The show was programmed in a structured way allowing me to operate each song manually without the need for timecode or any separate form of external input/triggering. This also allowed me to clone the programming appropriately for the Brixton Academy show at the end of the tour.