Wilkinson Hypnotic Tour
Wilkinson Hypnotic Tour 2018

Wilkinson Hypnotic Tour


To finish off his Hypnotic UK Tour, Wilkinson played a special show at London’s Brixton Academy.

Sam Tozer of Vision Factory was behind the show and lighting design for the full UK tour with a bright floor package consisting of Robe’s brand new MegaPointe fixtures and Philips SL Nitro 510c Strobes. Sam also expanded on the design to fit for the last show at Brixton Academy.


  • MA Lighting GrandMA2 Full-size
  • MA Lighting GrandMA2 Light
  • MA Lighting GrandMA2 NPU
  • Luminex GigaCore 16XT
  • Luminex DMX8 MkII
  • Resolume Arena v5
  • Clay Paky Alpha Spot 1500 HPE
  • Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330
  • Clay Paky Stormy CC
  • GLP Impression X4 Bar 20
  • Philips SL Nitro 510c
  • Robe LEDwash 600+
  • Robe MegaPointe


Show Designer:
Vision Factory

Lighting/Video Programmer:
Kris Goodman

Lighting Supplier:
Colour Sound Experiment

Audio Supplier:
Patchwork London

Kris Goodman


For the full tour, I took a pair of MA Lighting GrandMA2 consoles and a pair of GrandMA2 NPU’s To control the floor package we were touring with as well as being used to integrate the venues own lighting rig into the show.

For this reason, I chose to keep the NPU’s at front of house so I could connect the venues DMX lines into the system and still keep the redundancy of having 2 consoles in case one was to fail during the show.