Glasville Reunion
Glasville Reunion

Glasville Reunion


When they returned to the stage after a 2 year hiatus I was also asked to return as lighting designer for the spectacular Glasville Reunion.

Glasville formed in 2014 as a tribute to the wonderful music from the tv show Nashville. The band have toured the UK multiple times playing to thousands of people and even received acclaim from Hayden Panettiere & Chris Carmack in the process.


  • Robe Viva CMY
  • Robe LEDbeam 100
  • Chauvet Viva CMY
  • GrandMA2 OnPC CMD Wing
  • GrandMA2 OnPC Fader Wing
  • Look Solutions Unique 2.1


Show Design:
Joe Hele

Lighting Designer:
Kris Goodman

Lighting Supplier:
Flashlite Technical Services

Gemma Laming & Viv Cotton

The Classic Grand

8th November 2019

Design Brief

For the Glasville Reunion show, I needed a floor package to add to the venues existing lighting rig, something that was flexible for a one-off show and that I would be able to busk with easily as there wasn’t much time to program for a show of this size.

Fixture Choice

Firstly the main workhorse for the show came from Robe’s Viva CMY spotlights. I like these because they are pretty small in size considering the functions available in the fixture, but for me, the main selling point was the CMY colour wheels. Second, to that I made good use of Robe’s LEDbeam 100’s, they create wash with a tight beam which I quite like along with the controllable segments of LEDs. Lastly, I opted to use a number of Chauvet’s ColorBand Pix-M fixtures for 2 roles, 4 at the top of each of my towers to act as a backwash over the band/stage, and 8 on the fronts of the towers to add a bit of eye candy/pixel play.


Control for the show, of course, came from MA Lighting’s GrandMA2 platform. I used my own OnPC Command Wing and Fader wing as the main controller. I kept a separate computer also running the GrandMA2 OnPC software in session to act as a backup should my main session collapse with all outputs coming from Artnet nodes.


Naturally, I used Flashlite Technical Services as the supplier for the show. I have a good relationship with company director Andrew O’Neill and I like the range of equipment available from the company.