Ozuna Nibiru World Tour
Ozuna Nibiru World Tour

Ozuna Nibiru World Tour


Ozuna kicked off his Nibiru world tour with a bang.
A stadium sized show held at the Estadio Olimpico in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to a full audience.

A wonderful team of creatives came together under the direction of Metaform Studio to create a beautiful stage with lighting and video content that complemented it perfectly.

The Ozuna Nibiru world tour is the perfect way for Ozuna to present and perform his new album ‘Nibiru’ to new audiences across the world.


  • MA Lighting GrandMA3 Fullsize
  • MA Lighting GrandMA2 Fullsize
  • MA Lighting NPU
  • Cast Software WYSIWYG
  • Clay Paky Aleda B-Eye K20
  • Clay Paky Mythos 2
  • Clay Paky Scenius Unico
  • Clay Paky Show Batten 100
  • Clay Paky Stormy CC
  • Martin Atomic 3000
  • Robe LEDbeam 150
  • Robe Mega Pointe
  • Vari*Lite VL3000


Show Design:
Metaform Studio

Lighting Design:
Vision Factory

Lead Lighting Programmer:
Kris Goodman

Lighting Programmer:
Joe Watrach

Video Content:
Silent Partners Studio

D3 Programmer:
Thomas Peters

Costume Design:
Christina Acevedo

Lighting Supplier:
BM Eventos


I was tasked with all lighting programming and bringing Sam Tozer of Vision Factory’s design to life with creative programming.

On stage, Ozuna is a very unique artist who likes to keep every show different from night tonight, not just by changing the setlist up, but also playing with the songs live during the show.
In constant communication with his band, he likes to stop a song midway through and carry on when he feels the time is right. Not only that, but he can carry on from any one of up to 3 points in a song.


For this reason there the was only one console platform that could perform this task reliably, MA Lighting’s GrandMA2.
It’s macro based control philosophy proved to be extremely valuable for this show as I was able to write macros for each song taking me to the correct point when the music hit as it would take a second or 2 for the timecode signal from the DJ to kick back in.


With only had a limited amount of time with the full lighting rig before the day of the show, pre-visualisation was absolutely key to making this happen, we opted for Cast Software’s WYSIWYG to enable us to see the lighting rig and program parts of the show in advance here in the UK, across the border in LA and in the Dominican Republic at BME’s new pre-visualisation suite which was not too far from the stadium itself.